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sam-trade-devil-webHello traders. Sam here; aka “Trade Devil.” I’ve started this trading group to teach traders and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts the technical analysis skills that have been taught to me over a 20+ year trading career. I’ve learned from some of the best traders in the world. I’m a Certified Elliott Wave Analyst.

I’ve tested & experimented with almost every style of technical trading. I worked for 10 years as a broker, partnering with hundreds of traders. I’ve been a trade advisor, an options specialist, and a brokerage firm owner. If it moves, I’ve traded it. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly in this business and I can promise you, I’ve lived through every mistake a trader can make. I’ve made and lost more money than I can count. And I’ve watched the markets change from open-outcry and speed dialed phones to high-frequency trading and the dominance of the Algos.

Through all of that, the greatest teacher… of course, is the market itself. And while the speed and method of execution may change the fundamental truths that underly technical analysis remain the same. Fear and greed reflected in crowd dynamics represented by a simple chart of price. Trading absolute: Price = Truth.

Trading success is a journey. Perfection is unattainable. There is never true mastery of the markets, only mastery of your response to it. I can teach anyone how to analyse a market and position themselves for excellent risk-reward conditions. Trading, in theory, should be easy. Yet, it remains one of the most challenging undertakings anyone can pursue. The markets give reluctantly, they take without mercy.

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If this challenge appeals to you, if you aspire to be one of the few that creates their own financial future from the power of their mind, their determination, and their discipline… then you’re in the right place. I invite you to join us in our Discord. You’ll receive detailed video analysis of trades and the specific technical foundation behind the trade. You’ll receive entries, stops and targets. You’ll be trading side-by-side with me and I promise you, with consistent viewing, study and application of what I teach and demonstrate, you’ll be prepared to analyze and trade any market in any time frame. In short; my goal is to take you to the point that you won’t need my counsel. You’ll be a confident and disciplined speculator, trading on your own terms and your own schedule.

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“Over the last 20 years I’ve been fortunate to have been taught by some of the best traders anywhere. I’ve been a broker, trade advisor, an options specialist, and a brokerage firm owner. If it moves, I’ve traded it. I’m a Certified Elliott Wave Analyst. I’ve seen the good and the ugly in this business. I’ve lived through every mistake a trader can make.”

SAM, a.k.a. TradeDevil

Derek ‘MonteCrypto’ is a 32-year-old crypto veteran that has seen numerous emotional cycles, including the brutal 2014 bear season. ‘Monte’ is more of a fundamentalist and long-term hodler on sound coins, and he is also a certified Elliott Wave analyst.

DEREK, a.k.a. MonteCrypto

“I’ve been trading and investing since 1996. Financial markets are a lifelong passion. I’ve focused my career on the buy side and have managed money professionally as a founder and chief investment officer of a long/short hedge fund, a partner of a global private equity firm, and as a venture capital investor. I am an SEC-registered investment adviser and certified Elliott Wave analyst.”

KWON, a.k.a. Kwonandsons

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